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Benifits of using our staff leave mangement system - LCT Planner

LCT Planner has a lot of features that can be usefull for any small to large size organization. It can save a lot of your administration time and money from different point of view. We have tried to replicate few most common scenarions where our leave management system can bring the effeciency in the process.

Increase Staff efficiency

Know staff leave plan

Contact staff while they are in business trip

Customize the leave type

Multi language

Use the same system for cross country

Increase Staff Efficiency

LCT Planner the online staff leave management software that increases the staff efficiency a lot. Normal employee do not need to fill up the leave/expense form manually and look for their manager for authorization. Also manager do not need to keep the track of every staff.

In manual process, It normally takes 15 minutes for the employee to fill a form and find the manager to authorize it. And the manager/admin sepnd 10 minutes to authorize it and update the employee records. In total it is costing 25 minutes of the employee time every time. And 10 request per employee per year will cost 200 minutes of the working time.

With LCT Planner reducing the time to administer dramatically, this works out to around 5 mintues of the employee time.

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Staff Employee sumbits a leave/travel/expense request in our online staff leave management system - LCT Planner

Manager Manager/Admin receives an email from our leave planner
Manager Manager/Admin log into our leave management system LCT Planner and confirm
Staff Employee receives an confirmation email from our leave management system

Other Benifits of using our staff leave mangement system - LCT Planner

    GreenTick  Management can see the staffs availability.

    GreenTick  Management can see the expenses.

    GreenTick  Management can see staff's business travel plan.

    GreenTick  Employee can submit leave, expense and travel plan from anywhere.

    GreenTick  Management can authorize the leave, expense and travel request from anywhere.

    GreenTick  Multi Language system that allows user to use the system with their local language    

    GreenTick  Web Based and centralized system so user can access it from anywhere.     

    GreenTick  24 Hours Global Access     

    GreenTick  Corporate Branding that will let the company to use their own logo     

    GreenTick  Different User Mode to control the system by different role     

    GreenTick  Support Multi Region so the company with different branch can setup the system according the region/country     

    GreenTick  Save Amdin Time/Cost     

GreenTick  Support multi coutnry office settings.     

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