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Benifits of using our staff leave mangement system - LCT Planner

    GreenTick  Management can see the staffs availability.

    GreenTick  Management can see the expenses.

    GreenTick  Management can see staff's business travel plan.

    GreenTick  Employee can submit leave, expense and travel plan from anywhere.

    GreenTick  Management can authorize the leave, expense and travel request from anywhere.

    GreenTick  Multi Language    

    GreenTick  Web Based     

    GreenTick  24 Hours Global Access     

    GreenTick  Corporate Branding     

    GreenTick  Different User Mode     

    GreenTick  Support Multi Region     

    GreenTick  Save Amdin Time/Cost     

GreenTick  Support multi coutnry office settings.     

We offer our client to try our Leave management system for sometime to find out if the system can bring any benifits for the organization. So we offer 2 months free trial of the sytem for every client. We will not charge you anything to open an initial account in LCT Planner. You will get 60 days trial(5 users) period to check the system. If you want to continue with you account, you can setup payment from the administrator Account or by contacting us. Your 2 Months free period will start from the day you set up the payment process.

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