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FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

What are the initial steps to set up an account?

As we offer free setup for LCT Planner and there are only 3 very basic steps to follow. Once you decide to have LCT Planner, just follow these instructions-

Step- 1
Ask LCT Planner support team to send 2 template files to you.

Template 1 – Contains the questions about the company leave policy
Template 2 – Employees details.

Step- 2
You fill the templates and send it back to LCT Planner support team.

Step- 3
LCT Planner support team will setup the client administrator account and all other employees account and confirm you.

(Note: if client wants we can send an automatic email with the user details when we create the employee accounts or Client administrator can send their details)

AnAnd Start using the system!!!

What if we have some existing data that we like to upload?


LCT Planner support team will be happy to help you in this case. Once your account is ready to use, ask our support team to send you a data template in excel format. Just fill the data properly in the template and send it back to us. We will upload the data for you.

What are the regular administrative works in LCT Planner?


LCT Planner is an automated system and there are not any daily/monthly administrative works to follow. The system needs be configured only once. As an administrator, it is important that you provide the correct information when you fill up the template files at the beginning. After that you do not have any daily/monthly work.

You need to use your admin account only for these following items.

1. Add the details of any new recruits.

2. If any user wants to delete any authorized leave.

3. Download a report.

4. If there any changes in your leave policy (Our support team can help you to do this).

5. Add bank holidays of your operating countries (Once a year- Our support team can help you to do this). We will provide a user guide for this. And our support team will always available to help you.

How many Administrative accounts can I have for one subscription?


We normally provide one administrative account for every subscription if your subscription has less than 50 user accounts. It is only to prevent the overwriting of subscription settings from different admin accounts. But if you need, you can add more admin account from the primary admin account.

How can I learn more about the features of LCT Planner?


Once user log in to their account, they will see a help section that will cover most of the function of the system. We normally provide a user guide to the administrator and managers to understand the flow. Admin can also submit any query through the help section.


What is the basic flow of the system?


Once the administrator setup everything correctly, normal users can start using the system straight way. Every employees account will be configured with a manager’s account/admin account to authorize the request. The basic flow of the system is that the employee will apply for a leave and the associate manager/admin will authorize the request. Here is the flow

--- Employee login to LCT Planner and submits a leave/travel/expense request.

---Our system checks the associate manager of the employee and sends an email to the manager’s email address.

--- Manager log into LCT Planner and see the request in the pending request list of the home page. Manager either authorizes or declines the request.

---Employee receives a confirmation email from the system about the decision. Employee can see the up to date information in LCT Planner.


As a Manager, what I need to do to authorize the leave request?


If you are set as a manager of any employee, you need to authorize/decline your employees leave request. Once an employee applies for a leave, you will receive an email from LCT Planner to take action. So you need to login to the system and check the request details from the pending request list. You can do any of the following

1. If you are happy with the leave time, just authorize the request.
2. If you need more information, add a note and change the status to in progress. Our system will send the note to the employee to provide the additional information.
3. If you do not want to let your employee to go to leave on that time, decline the request.
4. If you can’t take the decision, assign this to another manager.   


Can I use the Administrator account to authorize the leave request?


Yes. You can use the administrator account as a manager’s account. In this case, admin account needs to be selected as a manager of the employee. So the administrator will get an email when any employee applies for leave. And the administrator needs to log in to the admin account and take action of the request from the pending request list.


As a normal user, what functions are available for me?


1. Apply for holiday leave/sick leave/work from home/travel.
2. See your leave/travel summary.
3. See your pending /completed request list
4. Communicate with your manager through any pending request.
5. See who is on leave in day/month view.
6. Update your profile and change your password.
7. Set your language to use the system in your local language.
8. Reset your password if you forget your current password.


As a Manager user, what functions are available for me?


1. All available function of a normal user account.
2. Authorize any individual leave request if you are the manager of the employee.
3. Authorize bulk leave request if you are the manager of the employees.
4. Communicate with your employee through any pending request list.
5. Assign any other manager to authorize any pending request.

As an administrator what functions are available for me?


1. All available function of a manager user account.
2. Setup your companies standard leave policy like yearly leave allowance, yearly sickness allowance email settings etc.
3. Add/Edit/Delete any custom leave type that your company allows (ex: study leave).
4. Add/Edit/Delete your companies operating countries and working days.
5. Add/Edit/Delete bank holidays of your operating countries
6. Upload your company logo.
7. Add/Edit/Delete any user group/ department 8. Add/Edit/Delete any user accounts 9. Update any users account to manager/administrator 10. Change users setting like users yearly leave allowance, users yearly sickness allowance, users working days, users 11. See any users leave summary and Delete any of them if necessary. 12. See any report and download them. 13. Put a notice for any group of users so they can see your notice once they login to the system. 14. User your account as a normal user account