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Full Feature List our Leave management system - LCT Planner

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General Features

Fully Web based

24 Hours Global Access: LCT Planner is the staff leave planner that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. You can access the system from any computer connected to internet.

Multi Language

LCT Planner is the absence management software that supports multi language such as Arabic, Spanish etc. So the user can use the system according to their preference.

Multi Region

LCT planner is the employee absence management system that supports multi region setting. You can set up your company with employees in different countries and assign country specific settings.

Centralized Data

All you data of our leaveplanner are centralized and accessible from anywhere. If your company is in UK but you are based in USA and want to manage your staff holiday or staff leave or cost or travel, LCT Planner allows you to do so.

Corporate Branding

You can add your logo to our leaveplanner that will make the application seem like the part of your business solution.


User Features or our Leave management system

Easy to use Interface

LCT Planner interface has been developed with easy to use interface. Users can see the graphical representation as well as detailed data of their account.

Leave, Cost and Travel Plans

Users can submit their Leaves, expenses and travel requests for authorization. Most of the other applications only support leave requests but LCT planner supports leave, expense and travel request. With LCT planner you can easily see the employees who are on holidays or the employees who are traveling for work. Let’s say if one of you colleague has gone for a business trip that is recorded in LCT planner, he can add his contact details to the system from wherever he is so you can contact him easily.

Email Notification

OUr staff leave planner will be notified by email on any decision made on their request.

Manager Features of our Leave management software

Bulk Decline/Authorization

Managers can select all the requests submitted by the users and either authorize or decline them by our absence management software. Obviously they can deal individual request.

Communicate with users before taking decisions.

Managers can communicate with the user before taking any decisions. If anyone submits a sick leave notification and the manager wants some doctors prescription before authorizing it, he can update the task with his request. User will be notified immediately by email.


Admin Features of our staff leave management system

Different Types of Leave

By Default LCT planner shows 3 types of leaves- Holiday leave, Sick leave and Work from Home leave. But every company can add their own customized holiday. You can add maternity, paternity, Bonus Holiday etc according to your company rules.

Add Multiple Country Settings.

LCTPlanner is the employee absence management system which supports adding multiple countries with different settings. If you have offices in UK and Bangladesh, you can add both countries with different settings. In UK, Saturday and Sunday are weekends but in Bangladesh Friday and Saturday are weekends. So you can assign the country to your employees according to their location.

Set Company Standard Holiday, Sickness, WFH, Holiday carry over.

LCT Planner is a staff leave planner that allows to set up company standard annual Holiday allowance, Holiday carryover from last year, Sickness Allowance etc. Also you can set every users allowance individually.

Set Individual Extra Allowance

LCTPlanner is the unique staff leave management system that allows setting up extra allowance to individual users. If you are very happy with one your employee’s performance and you want to give him extra 5 days holiday, LCT planner allows you to do that.

Country specific Bank Holiday

LCTPlanner is a unique staff leave management system which allows setting Bank holiday for different countries. So if your company operates in two countries, you can set 2 set of bank holidays.


LCTPlanner is the online staff leave management system which allows add/edit/delete the department according to the company structure.


LCTPlanner allows user to issue a notice to the any specific group of users or all users. If you want your employees of IT department to confirm their Christmas holiday before end of September, you can add a notice that will only display to the users of IT department until you desire date.

User Working Days

LCTPlanner is the online staff leave planner that allows setting individual users working days. If you have employees who work part time, LCT Planner will allow setting the employees working days and session (morning/afternoon).

Control of Users Request

LCTPlanner is the staff leave management software allows the admin to see the users request and delete them if necessary. An admin will see all users Leave, expense and Travel plan and modify if necessary.

Different Types of Users

LCTplanner allows setting the user in 3 types of roles- Admin, Manager and Normal User. Normal user can also be restricted to a department level.


LCTPlanner allows administrator to run annual report for Leave, Cost and Travel.