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Benifits of this staff leave management system   Screenhots of our leave management system    Feature list of our staff leave management system  

Screenshots of LCT Planner

Please find below a selection of screenshots from the LCT Planner application, click on a thumbnail image to see a more detailed view on that screen

Normal User Account

User home page gives the user a summary of the account. At a glance he can see who is off/working, any notice and the status of task task.

User leave summary page shows the full details of users leave/day off.

When user needs to apply for any type of leave, it is easy and simple to add.

Adding an expense is also easy and simple. Just need to add the required values.

Adding a travel plan is also not a complicated task.

User can see the full month view of colleague's leave plan.

User can change the profile details including the language setting from their profile.

User can check the status of their existing leave/cost/travel request and can add any associate notes if necessary.

User can see their authorized request details.

LCT Planner is a multi language system. So user can see the system in their own language.

Manager Account

User with Manager role can see pending leave/cost/travel list of the staff's and can authorize them individually or in a bulk.

User with Manager role can see the details of the request before authorize or decline the request. Manager can also assing the task to any other manager if necessary.

Admin Account


User with admin role add the company details after opening the account in LCT Planner

Admin can upload the company logo, add/edit the details of operating county and few other settings from Account Settings page.

Admin can add/edit the department of the company so the user can be added to the correct department.

Admin can set the company standard leave allowance and any custom leave details of the company.

LCT Planner automatically takes the company standard allowance for each user but Admin can change it anytime.

Admin can check and change any users authorized leave request if necessary

Admin can show a notice to a group of users. When the user log in to their account, the notice will be displayed in user home page.
Once a year admin needs to add the public holiday of the company's operating country. So these days will not be taken as a leave/day off.

Admin can see the report of all users Leave/Travel/Cost plans.

Admin can add/edit the users according to the user limit of the account.

Admin can set every individual users working days. So the leave can be calculate perfectly for full time staff as well as the part time staff.

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