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Staff Leave Planner

  •      Online staff Leave management system
         with Cost/Claim, Travel management

          3 in 1 System Click here to see the benefits

          -> Staff Leave planner or leave tracking system.
          -> Staff Cost or Employee Expense/Claim Management.
          -> Staff Travel Request Management.

          Multi Language LeavePlanner System.
          100% Online based so 24 hours global access.
          Higly customizable with your company Logo and leave type.
          Free setup and support.

  • Are the manual process of employee time-off or staff leave requests, expense reports and travel requests keeping you busy from focusing on growing your business? Are you looking for a solid staff leave management system? Do you need a online leaveplanner?

    LCT Planner is what you need. We will set up your account for free.

    Save your administration time and money with the help of our online leave tracking system - LCT Planner.             

    Benifits of this leave planner.   How our absense management system works    Features our staff leave management system   LCT Planner in a nutshell      
  • Leave tracking system"
    Management solution of

    -Staff leave tracking system - Leave/Time off .
    -Staff Cost/Expense.
    -Staff Travel Request.

  • It's easy to use our staff leave planner, anybody can do it!

    - Staff leave planner, travel plan and expense managed the way you want it to be managed.
    - Reduce the overhead time and money spent on managing all type of leave planer.
    - Solving the problem of staff leave, expense, travel efficiently & in your way.
    - No hidden costs.
    - Free setup and support.
    - Have your account up and running within 2 minutes.
    - From as little as 2p per staff member per day.
    - Developed with managers, administrators and staff in mind. Our Leave Planner is easy to use and highly intuitive.
    - Automating system saves your business time by removing chase for approval when managers are unavailable.

    Benifits of our staff leave planner.   How our leave tracking system works    Features of our staff leave planner   LCT Planner in a nutshell

  • What are our clients say about the leave tracking system -

      Sumit Sharma - using our leave management system
    View Sumit Sharma's profile on LinkedIn - using our staff leave planner
      LCT planner is the absence management system that has allowed us to spend more time growing our business now that we are not distracted with managing employees time-off and expese reports. Sales are up and everyon's happy!

    Sumit Sharma
    Operations & Support Manager
    Urgent Technology, UK

    Benifits of this leave planner.   Tour of our leave management system    Feature list of our staff leave management system   LCT Planner in a nutshell      

What is LCT Planner ?

LCT Planner is an online leave management system or staff leave planner that comes with expense and travel management features to maintain staff leave, cost/expense claim and travel plan in one place for any type of organization. It is accessible from anywhere so the business management/HR team can manage the staff leave, expense or travel from anywhere and anytime.

LCT Planner is a multilanguage leave management software that is accessible worldwide from any internet connected computer. It is very easy to use and has been developed for different user roles(employee, manager, administrator etc). It is a fully automated system that can save a lot of administrative time and money.

Take A Tour of our LeavePlanner

LCT Planner has many powerful functions. Explore how you can manage you staff leave, cost and travel plans before you open your account. Click here to check the main features of our leave tracking system works

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